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Family Dentistry

Excellent Family Dentistry for Vancouver, WA

Image of happy family in dentist officeAre you looking for personalized dental care for you and your loved ones? Orchards Dental has you covered. Dr. Joshua Williams and our team provide general and specialized treatment for various oral health conditions. Our services include regular cleaning and well-checks, gum disease treatment, fluoride treatments, and orthodontics. We also offer cosmetic treatments and restorations.

Our team has a wealth of experience performing effective dental procedures for all ages. We make sure to keep you and your children comfortable throughout your treatment with a fun and friendly atmosphere. Since 2005, we have been serving our community across Orchards, Vancouver, Camas, Salmon Creek, WA, and all neighboring cities. Call today to schedule your comprehensive appointment.


What Is a Family Dentist?

A family dentist is a general dentist with the experience and skill needed to work with children, teens, adults, and seniors. When you choose our dentist, you get the opportunity to treat all your family members under the same roof. This gives us a comprehensive view of your family's medical history to proactively help you avoid potential diseases. Another perk of a family dentist is scheduling. You get to book appointments for all your family members in one place, saving you time and energy.

Compassionate Children's Dentistry

smiling little boy in dental officeOur team enjoys working with your little ones starting from age one and up. We monitor their smile development and make sure to provide unique treatment plans customized to every stage of tooth development. For young children, Dr. Williams starts with a knee to knee exam, where your child remains on your lap while their teeth are being checked. We help your child relax, feel at ease, and gradually get used to dental appointments.

At our practice, we believe that educating children on proper dental hygiene is essential for developing great habits as they grow. Our well-trained team uses kid-friendly language and explains brushing and flossing in a fun way. We also focus on prevention. Below are some of the prevention services we offer for your child:

Dental Cleanings & Well Checks: To help eliminate any anxiety, we provide your child with gentle cleanings and dental exams using a compassionate and gentle manner. We offer free toothbrushes to all kids to encourage them to clean their teeth.

Fluoride Treatments: We provide fluoride treatments to help protect your child's teeth against developing cavities. It is a safe mineral that helps strengthen enamel and prevent decay.

Dental Sealants: These are body-safe coatings made of composite. To protect your teeth, we apply sealants to the back teeth that are more susceptible to decay.

Pulpotomies to Save Your Child’s Primary Teeth

We understand that your child's baby teeth are the foundation for their adult teeth and do our best to keep them healthy and avoid extracting them. We perform pulpotomies to get rid of advanced decay while preserving the natural structure of their teeth. With this treatment, we can help prevent speech and eating difficulties that arise from tooth loss. While similar to an adult root canal, this procedure is faster and less invasive.

Orthodontics for Children in Vancouver, WA

While orthodontic treatment often begins in the teen years, in some cases it may need to begin as early as seven years old. This gives us the chance to guide the development of the jawbones before they are fully developed. Orthodontic intervention can reduce the time spent wearing braces and help correct harmful oral habits that may complicate future treatment.

Our family dentist performs Phase 1 orthodontic treatments, including appliances and retainers. We can use lower lingual arches as space maintainers to prevent teeth from shifting. For complex cases, we refer you to one of our trusted specialists.

Gift Your Teen with a Confident Smile

Having an appealing, healthy smile and a straight bite gives your teen confidence. It encourages them to continue taking care of their teeth. Our team schedules regular cleanings and educates your teen on ways to keep their smiles healthy. We cover everything from proper brushing and flossing techniques to the affects of a healthy diet.

Dr. Williams keeps an eye on your teen's dental alignment. If their teeth need straightening, we help provide most Phase 1 and Phase 2 orthodontic treatments. We also offer Invisalign clear braces for responsible teens who qualify for this treatment.

Our family dentist offers sports guards to protect your teen's natural teeth or orthodontic appliances while playing sports. We also offer sports guards for local young athletes.

Family Dentistry to Perfect Adult & Senior Smiles

Image of senior man in dental officeThe dental services you need change as you age. However, the only service that remains important throughout your life is prevention. Our team focuses on maintenance cleanings and exams to protect your teeth and gums from damage. The health of your teeth and gums affects your overall health, and commonly known as the oral-systemic connection.

Preventive Care for Adults & Seniors

We offer excellent prevention services to preserve your dental health.

Regular Dental Examinations: During exams, our hygienists thoroughly examine your gums, teeth, tongue, jaws, neck, and head. Our team looks for warning signs of dental problems. We take x-rays to identify any issues with your mouth. We also perform cancer screenings with every dental exam.

Professional Cleanings: Dr. Williams recommends professional cleanings every six months. During these visits, we clean all the hard-to-reach areas and remove plaque and tartar buildup.

Treating Gum Disease

If we discover gum disease, we can provide you with scaling and root planing. This deep cleaning may be necessary if your gum disease starts to advance. Scaling involves removing plaque and tartar from above and underneath the gums. Planing will smooth the root surface, helping the gums heal and re-attach to the tooth.

Our team checks your gums regularly to watch for signs of gum disease. When bacteria builds up, it can move to the bloodstream through your gums to other organs contributing to inflammation.

TMD & Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea interrupts your sleep and is also linked to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). We offer mouthguards for TMJ and Bruxism. For sleep apnea, we provide snore guards and sleep apnea appliances after you go through a sleep study. If you suspect a problem but have no diagnosis, we can help you determine which treatment will work for you.

Other Restorative Services for Adults & Seniors

Whether your needs are complex or routine, Dr. Williams and his team are ready to provide you with the excellent dentistry you deserve. Our various treatments include:

Family Dental Services for All Vancouver Smiles

At Orchards Dental, Dr. Williams has a great passion for crafting beautiful smiles for the whole family. We enjoy serving our community in Orchards, Vancouver, Camas, and Salmon Creek, WA. Call our compassionate staff today with questions or to schedule a visit!


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