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Orthodontics in Vancouver for Versatile Needs

young girl with braces in dental officeAt Orchards Dental, we understand how a straighter, healthier smile can improve your comfort, confidence, and overall happiness. Dr. Joshua Williams and our team provide comprehensive orthodontics to correct a wide variety of alignment issues and promote lasting oral health.

Our dentist combines skill, extensive training, and advanced techniques to deliver reliable solutions designed for teens, adults, and children alike. Our full range of treatments includes everything from traditional metal braces and Phase I & II orthodontics to Invisalign® clear aligners for those who qualify.

We proudly provide customized solutions to individuals and their families experiencing mild to moderate alignment problems. Contact Orchards Dental for skilled orthodontic care if you live or work in Vancouver, Orchards, Camas, or Salmon Creek.


Why Is Orthodontics Important?

A straighter smile can do more for you than enhance aesthetics. Teeth in optimal positions make routine brushing and flossing more effective. Removing food debris, plaque, and tartar is more straightforward, helping reduce your chances of developing gum disease or tooth decay.

Proper bite alignment means less wear on your teeth, helping reduce the need for a dental restoration or more extensive treatment in the future. Teeth that meet evenly also prevent less strain on the jaw, resulting in pain or TMJ disorders. Healthy jaw development and function helps promote proper speech, chewing, aesthetics, and overall comfort.

What Issues can Orthodontics Correct?

Orthodontic treatments involve diagnosing and treating various tooth and jaw concerns using technology, customized procedures, and careful planning. With orthodontics, Dr. Williams and our team can help correct the following:

  • Crowded, crooked & rotated teeth
  • Unwanted gaps between teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Open bites
  • Crossbites
  • Overjet, or dental protrusions

Phase I & II Orthodontics

close up of young girl with braces getting a dental checkupTreatment with braces, aligners, or other solutions can take six months to several years to complete. Care is heavily customized and can often require proactive methods to promote successful and lasting results. At Orchards Dental, Dr. Williams offers Phase I & II orthodontics to ensure we establish a proper foundation for jaw development and tooth eruption for children and teens.

Phase I orthodontics is performed for children before all permanent adult teeth emerge, typically starting between ages six and nine. Care includes a thorough exam of your child’s teeth and jaws to detect and diagnose their needs. Our team works with you and your child to craft a custom and long-term treatment plan based on their situation, preferences, and goals. Dr. Williams takes time to ensure he diagnoses needs to provide the most accurate and effective treatment possible.

The goal of Phase II orthodontics is to position permanent teeth to promote ideal function and appearance. Care often begins around the age of eleven or twelve. It involves providing custom appliances to straighten your child’s teeth and correct any bite and jaw issues. We may recommend metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners, or other solutions depending on your child’s needs during this time.

No matter the option, our team is with you and your child every step of the way. We carefully monitor treatment and tighten or adjust appliances to promote successful treatment and lasting results.

What Are Metal Braces?

man with braces smilingMetal braces are often known as traditional orthodontics. They are perhaps the most widely recognized treatment option available. These braces consist of metal components, such as brackets and archwires, and sometimes, rubber bands. At Orchards Dental, we often use traditional metal braces to correct mild, moderate, and more complex misalignment.

Additionally, Dr. Williams has completed Progressive Orthodontics courses, seminars offering the highest quality of continued education in orthodontic diagnostic software, appliances, and much more. Certification from this extensive program means our dentist can provide the best treatment techniques and orthodontic solutions possible. He also performs tooth extractions when needed.

How Do Braces Work?

Metal braces work by applying pressure, slowly straightening your teeth and jaw into the correct position. Metal brackets are placed on the surface of each tooth using dental cement.

Once secured, the archwire is woven through, connecting each bracket. We may also place two or more rubber bands onto your brackets depending on your bite and if targeted correction is needed. This is often the case for prominent over or underbites. Traditional braces often require routine tightening by our dentist.

What is Invisalign?

woman holding invisalign clear bracesInvisalign is another orthodontic treatment using a series of plastic aligners. Each tray is smooth and virtually invisible. They are designed to fit comfortably and straighten your smile discreetly while you undergo treatment. Invisalign is ideal for correcting mild to moderate dental alignment concerns.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Your trays are designed to use pinpointed pressure to align your teeth into an ideal position. Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks, replaced with new ones as your graduate through treatment. Invisalign works best when you wear your trays for the required 22 hours per day. This helps encourage proper treatment progression while also preventing orthodontic relapse.

Invisalign aligners are removable, allowing for easy oral hygiene. However, because they are removable, learning to wear them consistently can be difficult for children. We typically recommend this system only to adults and responsible teens who can comply with the treatment guidelines.

Which Orthodontic Option is Right for Me?

At Orchards Dental, we do all we can to help you and your loved ones qualify for treatment and to provide personalized care. We begin with a consultation and thorough exam. Dr. Williams checks teeth, gums, jaws, and bite function to gain insight into your orthodontic needs. We work with you to explain your treatment options and which solutions will best benefit your smile and long-term oral health.

Our team also works with trusted specialists for complex cases as needed. We collaborate with local experts on your behalf and refer you out to receive optimal care, even for the most complex needs.

Comprehensive Orthodontics in Vancouver!

Dr. Joshua Williams and our team love helping adults, teens, and children achieve straighter teeth and improved oral health through versatile treatments. We proudly provide traditional metal braces, Invisalign, and Phase I and II orthodontics. Our dentists advanced training and skill means we can correct a wide range of alignment, bite, and jaw issues.

Contact Orchards Dental to schedule your orthodontics consolation in Vancouver today! We also proudly serve the surrounding Orchards, Camas, and Salmon Creek communities.


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